6 Ways to Quieten That Obnoxious Noise in your Head

People with anxiety disorders know how obnoxiously noisy it gets in your head sometimes. Everyone may not be able to understand this but I do, trust me. And I also know how difficult it is to put all those anxious thoughts into words and make someone understand. The one thing I have learnt over these years is that – you only have yourself. And of course, the experts.

However, you will always have to take the first step yourself, no one can do this for you. Professional therapist will only be able to help you when you want to help yourself. And if you are intimidated by the thought by talking face-to-faceto another person, then e-counseling is going to be your best friend. Internet is a wonderful invention y’all, take advantage of it. With that said, here are some simple tips to help you get through that anxiety attack.

Acknowledge Your Thoughts

The first step while dealing with any disaster is acceptance. Accept your thoughts and acknowledge that you are anxious before it escalates to magnanimous proportions. This will bring you back to reality.

Try Deep Breathing

And not just rapid breathing like a maniac. The technique to deep breathing exercises to focus on each breath you take and feel it expand your lungs. Slow down your breathing and tell yourself that you’re safe.

You’ve been Here Before

Honestly, the most obnoxious thing about this whole matter is that it keeps repeating itself. And every time is like the first. Tell yourself that you’ve been here before so repeating another episode is not gonna help.

Treat Your Anxiety like a Separate Person

Imagine your anxiety to be a separate person from you who is panicking and try to talk to it. Comfort your anxiety like you would a friend.

Refocus Your Attention

The thing that will be most helpful is refocusing your attention. If you can’t talk to your anxiety, ignore it. Try doodling on a notebook or playing a game, something to keep your hands occupied. Draw mandalas, they have a repetitive pattern and have a calming effect due to the spiritual symbolism.

Blow Some Bubbles or Get Crafty or Listen to Music, Maybe

Blowing bubbles can soothe your anxietytremendously and making origami can keep your hands occupied. Listening to music is another way to calm your mind but you’ll have to really listen to it, otherwise it will become just another background noise.