All You Might Want to Know About the Splankna Therapy

Energy psychology includes the same system in the body that acupuncture and chiropractic are based on to reduce emotional trauma that is stored in the body. And Splankna is regarded as the first Christian practice for energy psychology. This therapy includes elements from three varied energy psychology protocols such as Thought Field Therapy, Neuro-Emotional Technique, and EMDR as well as prayer.

In what way Splankna therapy works?

Do you face situations in which you reacted differently or may be overreacted? If yes, then these are often known as Trauma Symptoms. However, there are ways by which the body can get rid of these issues and one such process is this Christian Therapy protocol.

In the course of this therapy session, one can recognize where a particular emotion is stored in the body. The mind- body work of this therapy facilitates the body’s own ability to discharge that stored emotion on an active level, thus eliminating some of the fuel behind the symptom. Mentioned below are some of the elements that are included in this therapy:

  • Bi-laterals and Algorithms: This is usually adapted from Thought Field Therapy and EMDR which is one of the unique elements of this Christian Therapy protocol. The practitioner would take the client through the tapping algorithm by moving fast from one meridian point to another while the client concentrates on the specific emotional trauma or content. The bi-lateral eye movements are included at the end of each algorithm. The person undergoing the therapy tries to adjust into the emotional trauma and at the same time follows the practitioner’s direction in a fast bi-lateral pattern.
  • Direct Access: This is usually adapted from Neuro-Emotional Technique in which the practitioner makes the client touch the point on the body where a trauma emotion is believed to be kept. When touching that meridian point, the client concentrates on the emotion that is felt during the traumatic memory. This direct, simple blend of intention and circuitry enables the body to release the energetic charge of the emotion.
  • Prayer: This is one of the unique elements of the Splankna Therapy Protocol in which the Spirit of God is invited to do the necessary healing. Each session starts with a submission prayer wherein the practitioner requests God to handle any conflict and resolve. The practitioner asks the spirit of the God to provide the resources they require.

This is how this Christian Therapy protocol works and helps clients to get rid of issues.

The Splankna Therapy Institute is known for developing a Holistic Psychology process from a strict Biblical perspective. The Mind- Body Psychology consists of a group of treatment procedures that use the same method that acupuncture and chiropractic is built on to get rid of psychological trauma. At present the institute has more than two thousand competent practitioners based in the U.S.A, China, Mexico and Canada. This institute trains non-professionals and Christian counselors in a healing protocol so that they can get the maximum advantage of holistic healing.