Combining Rhinoplasty With Chin Augmentation

The beauty of your face has a lot more to do with than how full your lips are and what colour your eyes are. Your facial structure also affects your attractiveness in your eyes and in the eyes of onlookers. Sometimes, when a person is bothered by the appearance of one facial feature, they do not realise that other features are also affecting their appearance.

A perfect example is the nose and chin. Combining rhinoplasty with chin augmentation to enhance the profile of the face can significantly improve your overall aesthetic results and facial beauty.

Getting Two Procedures at Once

A significant benefit of undergoing two procedures at once is that it can save you time and money when administered at a certified and reputable clinic like Shire Cosmetic. If you have met with your plastic surgeon and have already determined that you may need both rhinoplasty and a chin implant, it is smart to consider getting both procedures done at the same time.

Doing so will save on anaesthesia fees and other costs, and it will also save you from having to go through recovery for each procedure individually.

Having Long-Lasting Results

A study in Italy revealed that combining chin augmentation with rhinoplasty leads to long-lasting results. Patients who took part in this study who opted for both rhinoplasty and chin augmentation managed to maintain a stable facial profile when examined three years later, with no more than a millimetre change in the length of the chin. This is far longer than the results of fillers, which are temporary.

While some experts may suggest using fillers to augment the chin or jaw, fillers are not a good solution for someone seeking long-lasting results. Chin augmentation implants and inserts are permanently fixed to the chin, and the results are as durable as the results from rhinoplasty.

Strengthening Your Profile

The facial profile is a significant factor in facial beauty. The angle and shape of the nose and chin as they relate to each other determine how aesthetically pleasing your profile is. In some people, the nose sticks out significantly farther than it should in relation to the chin.

Individuals may look at this and think that rhinoplasty is the solution, but the chin may be just as much to blame. A patient who undergoes rhinoplasty to alter the nose but does not get a chin augmentation may later look in the mirror and feel that the face is still disproportionate. Combining these procedures improves both facial features and can lead to the best overall results.

As rhinoplasty can refine the nose, chin augmentation can enhance the chin. The result is a balanced appearance with an aesthetically appealing profile. Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation can be combined to improve your face shape and enhance your appearance.