Different Kinds of Dental implants to regain Your Killer Smile

Missing tooth may be the reason you try to hide smiling around people and avoid social gatherings. It gives you a feeling that people are making fun of your appearance.

Is smile important?

Smile is an involuntary response, which brings joy and people get drawn to those who smile. It actually helps to reduce stress, enhance mood and is contagious. It can display your overall personality, so never hide your smile.

Missing teeth affects health

Besides appearances missing tooth affects your overall health. It can cause –

  • Gingivitis
  • Bone loss or osteoporosis
  • Depression
  • Mood issues
  • Impacts your image

How to smile and conquer the world?

Dental implants technology is the best option available today for long term missing tooth/teeth solution. These mimic the appearance and performance like natural teeth. In addition, dental implants are versatile, strong and last long with proper care.

Different kinds of dental implants

At clinique d’implant dentaire [Dental implant clinic], you will need to opt from three kinds of dental implants.

Standard implant                              

Standard implant process is concluded in three steps.

  • Placement – An implant with a ‘healing cap’ is placed in the lower or upper jaw, surgically. Sometimes, the dentist will need bone grafting on implant location for strengthening this spot for dental implant placement.
  • Healing – Generally, it takes three months for the dental implants to integrate with the patient’s bone structure. Bone cells get attached to implants titanium surface directly and lock it with your jaw bone.
  • Tooth replacement – Bridge or custom crown is designed to fit over the implant or existing teeth.

Standard implant helps in single tooth replacement or placing of two implants to make a bridge without affecting the surrounding teeth.

Same day dental implants

Crowns take time to be designed, so temporary crowns are placed over the implant on the same day the dentist places dental implants. You can return to the clinic, when permanent crown gets designed. It is a quick way to replace broken tooth.


Partial or full dentures are tailored to connect with your dental implants. However, the patient needs to have enough bone density for designing dentures that fit well. Placements of two or more dental implants are made and allowed to cure. After healing, dentures clip on the implants. Thus, pressure on gums is avoided because the implants handle all the stress of the dentures. Thus, bone loss is prevented or reduced.