Everything You Need to Know About Non-Surgical Skin Treatment

What is the real reason someone finally decides to call a cosmetic clinic and set up an appointment for a non-surgical skin treatment? For some, there is the issue of acne scarring and what it does to their self-esteem.

 No matter how much some acne sufferers achieve in life, their self-image is bruised when they look in the mirror and see the damage of teenage breakouts staring back at them. For others,  it could be a simple bump on the nose that has always bugged them or that wish for more luscious lips they were n’t born with, but they would love to have, even just once.

 Maybe it’s a weak chin, cheeks that have dropped, or lines that have formed through ageing, and they imagine themselves looking less tired if they could only soften them. It all boils down to the same thing. They want to feel better about themselves.

 Now, you could argue that statement by pointing out that it’s un-evolved or superficial to base one’s self-worth on looks. However, that isn’t the issue here. With the exception of a small group of the population who could probably use some psychological help in that area, most people just feel better knowing that they look the best they can for their age. They are usually very clear that their self-worth is based on much deeper parameters.


Does this make a person vain? Don’t kid yourself, we are all vain, in fact, one of the most significant signs of depression is someone NOT caring about the way they look. Its normal to want to look your best and not something to be embarrassed about. 

A lot of people who go in for cosmetic enhancements are people who have never before considered cosmetic treatments. Right or wrong, this is how the world seems to be.

20 years ago we didn’t have the technology to make these improvements without surgery or major downtime but much has changed, and now skilled cosmetic professionals like Dr David Ballantyne in Maroochydore have access to safe, non-surgical treatments to address issues that are bothersome to many people.


Well, cost for one. Skin treatments that result in a major improvement don’t come cheaply. However, even individuals who need time to save money to get a dermal filler, Fraxel laser or some Botox always find a way to come up with the money and are happy to spend it; because they know how much better they will feel afterwards. 


There are very few possible side effects of non-surgical skin treatments. All injectable treatments have a risk of leaving a bruise or some swelling but that is minor and usually subsides within a few days. Most non-ablative lasers and IPL’s will have you back to socialising in a week.