Few Things that you Need to Learn about Dental Implant Dentist

Dental implant is a procedure used to replace missing teeth. The design of dental implant is the blueprint of the missing tooth. In a surgery, two parts that are considered. One part is the restoration, which is matching the shape of natural tooth through fabrication. Second part is the implant, which works as the root of the tooth.

Dental Implants are prepared of titanium or titanium alloy because our body accepts it without any infection. The first step of dental implant is opening the jaw bone for implantation. The implant is later inserted and a healing cover is placed on it. To place the jaw bones properly, a denture can also be used. This completely depends on how much damage has occurred.

Immediately, our bones start healing by attaching themselves to the titanium. This takes at least 3 to 4 months after, which the customized tooth is placed. It might sound painful, but it is not so, especially if it is done by an experienced dentist. There are many activities involved before undergoing this surgery. There is examination, planning, execution and medication. Skipping any one step can lead to major problems.

Here are few things that you need consider before undergoing dental implant surgery –

  • Once you have known your problem, you should ask your dentist if there are any other options apart from surgery. An experienced dentist will never stick to one solution.
  • If your dentist emphasizes on implant surgery, then you can do some research on how many implant surgery has your doctor worked upon.
  • If he has done many surgeries then you should find the success rate of his surgeries.
  • Discuss the technology used for implantation. Sometimes, the dentist might sedate you with a high dosage which forces you to get admitted for a day.

  • Discuss the type of material and brand used for your crown. Titanium is the only material that is safe for years.
  • Generally, doctors have before treatment and after surgery photographs with them, to help you understand the difference.
  • Most importantly, never forget to find the cost involved in this treatment. If it is above your expectation then try to search for a hospital that can assist you at a cheaper rate.
  • Surgery isn’t the only thing that solves your problem. There is post surgery treatment that has to be followed thoroughly, any negligence can affect your gums and lead to infection.

There is no hurry for implantation. Take your time before coming to a decision. If you feel you’re not satisfied with the answers given by your dentist, then look for another option. There isn’t any need to go to a dentist simply because your family relies on him or her.