Is Your Child Following These Oral Hygiene Tips?

Visiting a family dental care center with your child could be exciting or dreadful for them. It is really matters how you train them to see the dentist. Parents often scare their children of dentists and that is one of the reasons why children consider them as ghosts in their life. If your child still shows panic attacks to visit a dentist, you may try some oral hygiene tips on them. Most parents have followed these tips and they have stated how their kids are happy to see the dentist for a regular checkup with confidence.

General oral hygiene tips for little ones and adults:

  • Always keep a separate towel for your child to wipe face and mouth. A clean and soft towel is free of germs and doesn’t allow others’ germs to enter your child’s mouth accidentally.
  • As soon as you see the teeth starting to emerge in your child’s gums, it is time to introduce them to infant toothbrush. Fortunately, oodles of attractive shapes, colors, and designs have made the job much easier for the parents.
  • Gently introduce flossing to them when your child has developed all the teeth and strong gums. Flossing helps to clean the bacteria and food particles stuck between the gaps of the teeth.
  • Help your child practice the habit of brushing twice or thrice a day. Always advise him that he needs to brush his teeth whenever he has a chocolate or candy. Brushing immediately helps to prevent tooth decay.

  • Teach your child to spit when they turn 2. If they don’t do it, they are likely to swallow all the toothpaste inside which would not be a good thing in the long run.
  • Teach your children the number of times they must have sweets in a week and the ways they can control their cravings.
  • Help your child see a dentist at least once in six months. Regular visits help your child to connect well with the doctor and remove the fear of dental issues forever.
  • Let your child sip warm water and gargle with warm water while brushing the teeth. Warm water or water at room temperature helps in keeping bad breath away. Adding a pinch of salt helps in killing the bacteria of the mouth.
  • Do not go after colored toothpastes and those that come with fruity taste. These are bad for cavities.
  • Keep your child always happy and stress free.

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