Skin Care Tips for the Summer

Do you remember the carefree days of your youth in the summer? If you were like many of us, you probably ran wild in your neighborhood without a care in the world. You wore shorts and sandals (this was before flip flops were everywhere) or barefoot, and certainly never gave a thought to protecting your skin from the deadly effects of the sun. We all thought being brown in the summer was simply a rite of the season and a sign we were healthy.

Today is a very different story. We have all read the frightening news reports of how the ozone layer above us that protects us from the harmful rays from the sun is thinning. If you live in places like Australia, the news of the growing incidence of skin cancer is no joke. Many women who “sunbathed” in the sixties and seventies are now having to deal with the horrendous after affects.

So, what can we do this summer and every summer to help protect our kids from the latest hidden dangers of the modern world, ultra-violet light? Here are a few highlights from around the world and right here in the good old U.S. of A. that you need to consider.

Slip, Slop Slap

The Aussies are leading the way for being wise about sun protection, and for good reason. When it was discovered that the UV protection we get from the upper atmosphere wasn’t just thinning, in some parts of Australia it was almost gone, they went into action. The government campaign to “slip, slop, slap” began in earnest. We could use a bit of that kind of thinking here.

Here is what it means. Slip refers to slipping on a shirt to protect your skin whenever you are getting ready to head out of doors. Slop is to remind people that they need to put sunblock on every exposed part of their skin or risk skin cancer. Slap is to remind them to be sure and slap a hat on before they head out. These are all good precautions for us as well. Although we have stopped producing the deadly toxins that were destroying that upper layer, we are still in danger while the planet takes the time it needs to heal. Posting those three words by the door is a great reminder to all the family to take care and be protected before heading out into the sun this summer.

Safe Beachside Fun

While it is almost a rite of summer to head out to the beach, we realise that not everyone has three long lazy months to indulge in beachside frolics. But you can make sure your kids get as much fun in the sun as possible by enrolling them in a high-quality beach camp like fitness by the sea summer camp for kids out in Santa Monica. If that is a bit far for you, try looking to see if a nearby lake or other type of beach has the same kind of summer camp on offer.

These organized beach camps are great for the kids because they are supervised, organized and ensure that your kids are safe and well protected in more ways than simply skin care for the summer. But I also love that they will make sure that the kids have their sun block on, their sun hats to protect their eyes from glare and are always keeping an eye on the little ones. If you can’t make the beach, a beach day camp is the next best thing for the kids this summer when it comes to keeping them skin safe smart while they are having fun.