Smart Ways To Avoid Alcohol If You’re A Recovering Alcoholic

Overcoming alcoholism can be a taxing feat. Alcoholics can sometimes feel that it is impossible to win against their addiction. It may seem so, but remember that you can recover from it if you decide to stop drinking and get the help you need. Even if you feel powerless and think that your drinking habits are stronger than you, you can make a change.

With or without help and support, many still struggle to avoid alcohol. Even on your way to being alcohol-free, you may be tempted to try some drinks and justify that a few is okay. Quitting an addiction is never easy, and if you have chosen to live a life without alcohol, you must be committed to your decision from start to finish.

Recovery from alcoholism is not a walk in the park or an overnight process. It is instead a gradual operation. No matter your reason for quitting alcohol, the following smart ways can help you avoid alcohol and recover from alcoholism.

Set Your Goals

Following your decision to stay sober, you should set drinking goals. Make your goals as specific, clear, and realistic as possible. Determine if you want to quit drinking forever or just cut back on your consumption. If your goal is just to reduce your drinking, it helps to set the days you should drink and the amount of alcohol to consume. If you are an alcoholic, however, it is best to overcome alcohol entirely. Put your goals into writing, and make sure to adhere to it strictly; otherwise, you are only wasting your time.

Choose A Treatment Option

While some people overcome alcoholism by just following a program or with the help of a support group, others require medical supervision to quit drinking safely. Choose a treatment option carefully and consider some factors such as the severity of your addiction, how long you have it, health issues, and your living conditions.

Although there are a variety of treatment options to choose from, remember to pick one that treats more than just your alcohol addiction. As it affects your whole life, including your career and relationships, the treatment should also address the impact of the abuse in your life. Also, remember that no single treatment applies to everyone. Every individual is unique, so choosing a treatment option that feels and works right for you is essential.

Get Support

Although you are the only one who can stop your alcohol abuse, surrounding yourself with supportive people who will help you on your journey is as important as deciding to quit. Do not go on a tough battle alone; recovery is easier when you receive comfort and guidance from others.

Support and encouragement come from different sources. Of course, your family and friends are your immediate network. Do not be afraid to lean on them. If you are reluctant to do so, consider other forms of therapy such as the ones created for couples or family. Building a new social network is also beneficial. Volunteer, join a class, or try attending community events. A social network will allow you to divert your focus away from alcohol. A recovery support group is another way get encouragement from people who are also recovering from their addiction.

Develop New Hobbies And Interests

If your past social life revolved only around alcohol, give yourself a chance to develop new hobbies and interests. Not only are they an effective way to divert your focus away from the temptation to drink, but new activities will also give you a sense of purpose. Do things that make you feel satisfied and fulfilled; as you do this, alcohol will slowly lose its appeal.

Avoid Triggers And Cravings

Alcohol cravings can be intense, particularly if you were a long-time alcoholic and are in the first few months of recovery. Your alcohol treatment should prepare you for when cravings occur and help you develop coping skills and strategies to deal with such stressful situations. Another essential way to avoid alcohol is to avoid situations, people, and activities that may trigger your cravings. It is okay to say “no” to some events you are invited to if you know it is for the best.

Alcoholism can have negative impacts on how we deal with everyday situations. Examples are drunk driving and accidents associated with it. Overcoming drinking addiction can be altogether stressful and difficult, but with willpower, the right support, and these smart tips, you can avoid alcohol and recover from the abuse.

Sharon Golden

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