Top 4 Myths Prevalent in the Hair Transplantation: You Must Know

Suffering from baldness or hair loss issues is one of the traumatic conditions as it affects one’s looks and personality. To solve the problem of hair loss there have been developed a lot of options in the form of therapy or medicines, but the solution of surgical treatment ultimately resolved the problem permanently by the regrowth of hair and adopted widely in the cosmetic surgery world. Therefore, the option of hair transplantation came as a boon in the plastic and cosmetic surgery world and every year the graph of treatment is increasing by leaps and bound. The hair transplant in India is such a peculiar option that provides the patient with an ultimate care of the procedure at a reasonable price offered by the leading hair transplant clinic or centre. The treatment of baldness in India is a rising option and many foreign patients taken their interest to receive the surgical procedure in India owing to the great facilities and care with an expert surgical hand along with the lowest cost option.

Generally, the reputed hair transplant clinic and the recognized Surgeon give the best outcomes. Hence, it is important to do an extensive research before jumping to any conclusion.

Here we are revealing the topmost myths that are associated with the Hair Transplantation world are as follows:

  • Hair Transplantation works only on Men: This is a very common myth as the picture of complete baldness is only seen among men. But, the fact is that the procedure of hair restoration is applied to both men and women. The hair transplant procedure in women has the same success ration as the men and women receive it is because they also affected by the pattern/hereditary baldness.
  • Hair Transplantation gives an immediate Result: No, it is not right! It is a process of regenerating the hair roots onto the bald affected areas, which takes their own natural time to accomplish. So, saying that it gives an immediate result is not true. After all, it is a natural and original process likewise the growth of the body and every natural process takes their own time. The transplanted hair started to grow within four months, but the complete growth of hair only visible after 9-10 months.
  • Washing of Hair just immediately after the treatment may affect Growth: This myth is superficial. It is allowed to wash the scalp or hair after the treatment in order to remove the scabs and support the existing hair roots to grow. The hair transplant Surgeon allows the head wash from the very next day of the surgery in order to make the regrowth possible. And, the shampooing of hair does not intervene with the hair growth and prevent the scalp from external infections.
  • Medications are continuing to avoid the risks after the Procedure: No, it is not needed to continue medications once you get the hair restoration treatment. The hair transplantation is a final and permanent solution to hair loss that naturally boosts the regrowth of hair.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplantation is a safe and permanent solution to the problem of hair loss and we must clarify the rumours with an in-depth study and research regarding the procedure by reading many articles and blog focussed on the treatment of hair restoration.